Climbers:The list below is a list of the funniest or your favorite rock and ice climbing routes in the world. Thank you and enjoy..

Kentucky Fried Penguin 5.9+(Logan Canyon,Utah)
Float like a butterfly, land like a tomato(Willoughby)
Finger locks or cedar box(The Gunks)
Make Haste Or Tomato Paste(The Gunks)
One Blunder And It's Six Feet Under(The Gunks)
Tammy Bakers face: A flaky scaly face that resembles baked mud(Smith Rocks)
Make that move or six foot groove("Josh")
No mistake or big pancake("Josh")
Boogers on a lampshade("Josh")
Fuzzy Undercling(Red River Gorge)
Chuck's Smelly Crack(Smith Rocks)
Little Itty Bitty Adolescent Titties ( Hueco Tanks, TX.)
Dingleberry Jones and the Lost Crusade (Hueco Tanks, TX.)
Yank It, Crank it, Spank it, Mama ( Pinnacle in Paradise, Fl.)
Premature Ejaculation (Chinaman's Peak, Alberta, Canada)
Spanky's Quest for the Nectar Hole(Smith Rocks)
Pissing on a friend (You Yangs-Victoria, Australia)
Pissing into the wind (You Yangs-Victoria, Australia)
Cheesy Nob Licker(Thompsons Point, Nowra, Australia)
Wanker In A Whirlwind(Thompsons Point, Nowra, Australia)
Hide The Salami(Thompsons Point, Nowra, Australia)
Inflatey Katey(Thompsons Point, Nowra, Australia)
Depleted Gonad Circumference(The Grotto, Nowra, Australia)
Party In Your Pants(Frenchman Coulee,WA)
Jesus Christ on a Bicyle Wall(Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City)
Heat seaking moisture missle ( Pinnacles CA)
Butterfingers make me horny (Joshua Tree)
Anchors Away (Yosemite)
"Goofed on Skunk Weed"(Barn's Bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota.)
"Three Fat Chicks on a World Tour"(Barn's Bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota.)
Vice is nice......(Pembroke, Wales)
...but incest is best. (Pembroke, Wales)
Octopus Sucking My Face (Bald Wall,Austrailia)
Wham Bam, Thank You Clam (Car Crash Quarry,Australia)
Penis Dimension (Vedauwoo, WY)
Cindy's crooked crack (Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah)
Even Coyotes Like It Doggie Style 5.11a(Pinnacles,CA)
Narl My Butt Gravy (Chandler Park-Tulsa,OK)
Lungbutter (Chandler Park-Tulsa,OK)
Cheesegrader (Chandler Park-Tulsa,OK)
The Jane fonda Workout for Pregnant Women 5.12 (The Gunks)
With Friends Like That Who Needs Enemas (5.10a) (Upper Malamute-Squamish,B.C.)
I Love The Smell Of Nuprin In The Morning (5.8) (Upper Malamute-Squamish,B.C.)
Teenage Girls Won't Blow Gorbies 5.11c (Penny Lane-Squamish,B.C.)

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