1).I don't need a helmet .Rod Haines

2).Was that "on belay" or "off belay"?Vicki

3).ROCK! Rod Haines

4).No need for's only 5.11Rod Haines

5).Did you hear something?

6).I'm sure it was this way

7).I'm okay-It's just a little headache..Rod Haines

8).No reason for that,I know where every crevasse is

9).I think the rope made it all the way down???Adam

10).Lets use this rock to rap from, it won't move.Craig Adkins

11).Lets go for the top, we'll get back before it gets dark.Craig Adkins

12).Your on belay... but whatever you do, don't fall!-John Patun

13).Can't be any harder than V.Diff, eh?Dave Virdee

14).Looks pretty crap ice from here. Your lead?Dave Virdee

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