10). Favorite peak: Top of the Jungle Gym, Filmore Primary School. —sharky

9). My climbing partner has headphones on while on belay and is listening to Beck's " Am a loser baby, why don"t you kill me." —Gary Stevens

8). He thinks a "carabiner" is someone who lives in Jamaica. —Julie Rozen

7). His idea of "taking a breather" means lighting up a cigarette! —Karen Gendron

6). Thinks treeline is the line you stand in to wait your turn for relieving yourself in the woods. —Mike Paggioli

5). What at first appears to be her backpack turns out to be a parachute. —Jeff Schneidewind

4). When told to bring rapelling gear he shows up with 25 cans of OFF bug spray. —Bryan Allen

3). They claim to be an expert with knots, but you notice their shoes are always untied. —Ryan

2). When you are both stuck in a snow storm, he asks "if you don't make it, which part of your body would you like me to eat first?" —Sharmaine Glasford

1). Baggy shorts and no underwear. —Foureagles


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