Top 11 worst things for your belay to shout to you while you struggle with the crux.

11. Falling! Jon Poulson

10. You know, I've wanted to try climbing for years.

9. Hold on, I've got to go pee.

8. My god, you're going to die.

7. Dyno for the jug you can't see!

6. If you fall now you'll deck out.

5. Your fingers must be REALLY aching by now.

4. Hey, I can see right up your shorts from here.

3. Your last piece of pro just fell out.

2. Am I supposed to be doing something with this rope?

And, the number one thing you don't want to hear from your belayer ....
1. Hmmm, looks like you read the guidebook wrong, this one's an E7 not a VS.

* - I've had all of these shouted to me or heard them shouted to others by wonderful belayers.

1-10 Submitted by Andrew M. Richardson

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