Signs you’re not one of the better climbers in town:

You climbed 5.8 your first day climbing, and 8 years later a 5.4 lead still scares the bejeezus out of you.

  • You're mad that 5.2 doesn't have the a/b/c/d modifiers for better delineating the subtleties of this tricky grade.

  • You know every pitch and every move of the Nose, but the most you've ever done is scramble halfway up the 3rd class approach, got scared, and climbed back down.

  • The exposure in your local gym terrifies you.

  • The only thought you have before a big climb is "How am I gonna get Joe to lead all the pitches?"

  • You fall off the front steps of the gym

  • You freeze at the crux and the little kids yell at you to "Stop hogging the sliding board"

  • People ask if you're a park ranger.

  • The best finger jam you've had was when you slammed your hand in the car door.

  • You've had to be rescued off a top-rope.

  • Your partner regularly hauls you up on a Z-pully.

  • Favorite call to your belayer: "Tension!"

  • You decide a route is rated 5.2 A0.

  • Can't cross the talus field without a belay.

  • Your team uses you to "test" for avalanche stability.

  • You've chopped the rope with your axe while ice climbing.

  • If you find yourself repeatedly yelling "FALLING!!"...........on the approach.

  • You clip the lead quickdraws at the gym while on toprope and get stuck.

  • Your leg is still recovering from being impaled with your ice axe while practicing "self arrest" on the bunny slope

  • You think "Hypothermia" and "Frostbite" are the up and coming rock groups

    Special thanks to David from Climbnet for starting this thread and to the rest of you that have submitted

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