Top 10 "signs" you should not signup for the next Denali trip

1. It took you 4 attempts to reach the top of Mt. Shasta.

2. Four out of every five times you climb above 9000 feet you throw up for the next 24 hours.

3. You are no longer able to get anybody to climb 14er's with you, not even your brother.

4. You obsess about starting Diamox and Decadron before you go for a drive to Yosemite Valley.

5. You think you hold the record for number of times with AMS in a single season (6 times).

6. Your family is talking about getting you a psychiatric consult is you train one more weekend this winter.

7. Your closet looks like a used clothing bin in the basement of REI.

8. You have run through 6 different types of hydration systems and still aren't satisfied.

9. On your descent from the summit of Mt. Rainier, a rock the size of a Ford Ranger grazes your shoulder and smashes into the headwall 20 yards in front of you. You walk away with a few stiches from landing on your own iceaxe.

10. The $3000 fee for the McKinley trip is taken out of you kid's college fund.

You take the trip, and bomb out at Base Camp with the Daimox still in the bottle! True story. Who needs fiction!

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTOR:Dr.Mark Hanna for making this list....

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