You go to church and scout out routes to the ceiling

  • You climb your friends fireplace

  • You know how to get on your roof without a ladder

  • You begin buying your shoes 2 sizes too small out of habit

  • You get mad of having to spend $40 on a pair of Levi's, but don't mind spending $200+ for a pair of Gore-tex

  • You have no idea why your hands are bleeding

  • You aerate your lawn with your crampons

  • Your climbing equipment is worth more than your car

  • You give up a decent job so you can climb more

  • You blow a good marriage so you can climb more

  • Your body is worn out and you need medical attention, but that would take away from your climbing time, so you continue to hobble

  • When you can't climb, you stoop so low as to read rec.climbing

  • You insist on eating out in older areas, since the buildings are more "climbable"

  • Your list of names for future ascents are longer than your list of friends

  • You remember when the decimal system ended in 5.9

  • Your ice axe is made of wood

  • You know you've been climbing too long when you notice that the contents of the relic walls in climbing shops is newer than your own rack.

  • You remember paying $2 for a biner, but had to make nuts because they were not commercially available

  • When walking down a cracked sidewalk, you're thinking, "That'll be a good hand hold".

  • When it hurts to hold onto the steering wheel driving home from climbing

  • You placed anchors on the side of your 5th story apartment building so you could sleep on your porta-ledge on the weekdays.

  • You bolted the side of your house and It ended up in a local guide book as a 5.9+.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTORS:Rod Haines,Shirley,Caleb Bailey,Taylor Shull,Steve Woods,Lodrina,CW,Maddog and Jon Poulson for making this list....

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